Portfolio Priority

A brand new, career changing training program.

Have you been sending out cold messages to bands to hopefully land them as a client? 

How did you feel when you send those messages?
Or when nobody responded, let alone READ your message...

Did you feel confident and professional?


This training will put an end to the need to send out desperate messages to bands that have never heard of you.

My name is Roelof Klop, and I'm going full-time in my studio this August.







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"I have never played the 'cold-outreach' game."

And I've managed to attract enough clients for a stable side income, and soon main-income without ever sending out cold messages.

I'm a firm believer that this is not the ideal way to start a collaboration, it's called 'COLD' outreach for a reason!

When you're sending out messages to random bands, you're basically asking them to trust you without any proof of your best intentions.

They have no reason to trust you!

So what if you could show them that you're trustworthy beforehand, and make them reach out to you instead?

That's what this training will show you.

It'll show you how to build a MAGNETIC portfolio, that automatically attracts the clients that fit your budget, service and genre.

It'll show you how to behave online so that you'll become a wellknown and welltrusted face in your niche.

And on top of that, I'll show you how to build a portfolio that is ALWAYS increasing in quality, 


which results in ALWAYS-increasing credibility and trust.


Show me the way!

This training is part of an 'A Mix A Month' exclusive offer.


Since you're on this page, you know that Hardcore Music Studio has opened it's doors to the Pro Production System.

And I don't need to tell you that this training has transformed hundreds of amateur bedroom producers into full-time pro's.

When you join this program, you'll have access to the exact same training that's helped me to go full-time in my studio as well.


Here's how to join:

The Portfolio Priority bonus training will be a live training over Zoom.

This way you can ask me any questions you still have afterwards.

The replay will also be available later, in case you can't make it, but if you want your questions answered, you better join live!


Saturday June 12th, 7pm CEST (1pm EST)

Right after the 6 weekly coaching calls that are included in the PPS.

All you have to do to get access to this live training is purchase the Pro Production System using this neat little button right here:

And you'll automatically be invited to the live training at June 12th 2021, and you'll receive the replay afterwards.

It's time to learn EVERYTHING you need to build the successful audio career.







Join NOW!

Enrollment in the Pro Production System closes this Thursday April 22th.

Now is the time.

See you inside!