Get professional feedback on your mix in video format!

After putting several hours into a mix it's really easy to lose perspective and objectivity.

You can gain some of it back by taking regular breaks and using reference tracks, but only to some degree.


So wouldn't it be great if an industry professional could show you and help you pinpoint the exact problem area's of your mixes that you need to work on?

That's exactly what this is, so keep reading!

So how does it work?


• After completing your purchase you will be directed to a page where you can upload your stereo mix in mp3 format. 

• I will load your mix in my DAW, turn my camera on, and show you exactly what problems I'm hearing in your mix. I'll identify things such as:


 - Frequency masking 

 - EQ problems

 - Use of dynamic processing

 - Use of effects

 - Ways to make the song more interesting, from a mixer point of view

• I'll send you the video and after watching the video mix critique you'll know exactly what to do next to reach the next level in your mix!






Mix crit print screen.png

What others are saying:

- "Receiving personalized and professional feedback from Roelof was a unique privilege. His advise was actionable, logical, and well thought out, and results from his critique were noticeable immediately. The mix felt larger, cleaner, and more stylistically appropriate. I would highly recommend Roelof to anyone wanting to learn how to up their mix game."

- Ryan E. (Tangewild Studio)

- "Feedback is crucial when it comes to professional audio productions. Sometimes it’s that second pair of ears that can point you in a direction you simply haven’t thought of yet. ... and Roelof has a great sense for music productions and his feedback is always perfectly on point.."

- Flo R. (

- Being able to see the EQ moves Roelof was making, and hearing how they affected the mix as a whole was really helpful. Having applied his suggestions to the individual elements, I can happily say my mix sounds much better!

- Dave S.

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*After completing your purchase, you will be sent to a page where you can upload your mix.