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Learn the Portfolio Priority System!
Establish yourself as the PERFECT fit to your ideal clients.

Discover how to land more of your ideal clients using a PROVEN, step-by-step system.

"Having a well thought-out portfolio combined with a magnetic online presence and the right ACTION plans to get noticed are the most effective ways to build connections with your ideal clients."


Learn how to implement the PORTFOLIO PRIORITY SYSTEM to find and connect with new bands that trust you, and see hiring you as the only logical next step.

Establish yourself as a well known, trusted pro.

Learn how to reach out to your ideal clients without getting ignored or being ghosted on!

Learn to establish yourself as a premium producer, and charge money confidently.


What you'll find inside the program:

Portfolio Priority is a 2-part, step-by-step GAME PLAN to build your business from the ground up!

Part 1: The Passive Parts

Build these passive parts the right way once, and they'll work for you on the background 24/7.

They build trust, connection, and establish you as a skillful, professional producer.


Module 1: Portfolio Priority Foundations

- Build the right foundation for your business
- Adopt the right mindset to hit every project out of the park
- Overcome mental roadblocks, preventing you from taking action
- Learn the 'passive' vs. 'active' elements of the Portfolio Priority System

Module 2: The Essential Website

- Learn and implement the only logical layout of your Essential Website, so that bands actually listen to your work and fill out your contact form!
- Your website as a buyers guide?
- Learn the 2 main purposes of your website.

Module 3: Premium Portfolio

- Build the right foundation for your portfolio
- Finding your IDEAL clients
- Build connection with your IDEAL clients through your portfolio, so that you'll be seen as the best possible choice to work with.
- Learn the framework that guarantees an ALWAYS IMPROVING portfolio, which therefor establishes you as the right choice for bigger and better clients. Non-stop.

Part 2: The ACTION Plans

Get the passive elements of your business noticed by the RIGHT clients with these step-by-step actions plans!

And start more conversations than ever before!

Module 4: Boxed Identity

- Learn to establish yourself as a trusted pro BEFORE reaching out to potential clients
- How to become well known in your genre or area
- Preparing your social media channels to work for you (instead of against you)
- Building trust by projecting the RIGHT things to the RIGHT people 


Module 5: Outreach 101

- Learn 2 complete step-by-step methods to FIND your ideal clients, CONNECT with them, and REACH OUT to them in a way that guarantees a conversation with them.
- Learn how to plant seeds, and nurture relationships with potential clients.
- Learn to filter out any 'wrong' clients BEFORE you offer them your services.
- Step-by-step conversation guides to make sure your conversation convert to paying clients!


Implementing this entire system in YOUR business is just one step away!

"Build it and they will come... YEAH RIGHT...! "


Building something, even if it’s high quality is not at all enough, you need to take consistent action before you’ll ever see any results, that’s true in any area of your life.

In most cases, you’ll need to be the one that starts the conversation and eventually offer your services. It’s highly unlikely that people will ask you if they can give you money right from the start of your career.


So it’s not about the ‘building’ part. It’s not just about HAVING a website and a portfolio.

It’s about knowing how to USE that so that you’re getting people to actually trust you.

And it’s about being pro-active and thoughtful about the way in which you make yourself known to people and approach them. So that once you’re on their radar, you will look like the PERFECT fit for them.

And it’s about what you need to do to get people from online acquaintance, to paying customer.


THAT’S what this system is all about… 

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What Some Of Our Students
Have To Say:

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-14 om 12.11.00.png

"This is unlike any course you will find on becoming successful as an audio engineer. Whereas every other course revolves around tricks and shortcuts, this one (together with you) actually delivers. Within 4 months I made my investment back 8 times!!

Jens H.

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-14 om 12.13.04.png

"Roelof has coached me exactly the way I needed. He is telling everything about how to get a perfect portfolio, great and professional looking website and a good social media plan to show yourself and to connect with your clients. He helps you with killing all the stupid thoughts about yourself which keep you away from going out and make it happen. I can recommend this course for 100% if you want to be a fulltime producer of high quality productions.”

Martin K.

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-14 om 12.11.58.png

"The Portfolio Priority System training is exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t know what to do business wise beyond being able to produce a pro sounding song.

The approach is so simple and straight forward yet so effective in the results and client relationships it can produce."

Tate P.

" Great recording and mixing skills are NOT enough. "

Yes, you're probably very good at recording and mixing. You could make a lot of bands VERY happy with your mixing skills.

But the problem with just focusing on your mixing skills is that if nobody HEARS about those ever-increasing skills, then what's the point of getting better?

Your skills DON'T EXIST (in the marketplace) when nobody knows about them. 

Your ideal clients are not gonna find out by themselves that you're amazing, you have to be pro-active about it.

And you have to know how to get people to pay attention to you.

Because the people that pay attention to you, are the ONLY people that will ever end up working with you.

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What's The Investment?

Isn’t it weird how we’re actually okay with spending multiple thousands of dollars on gear, software or monitors, but we don’t spend nearly as much on assets that can actually MAKE US MORE MONEY, and put us on the radar of MORE CLIENTS?


And when we’re finally looking to invest in our recording/mixing business, (because we know that getting great at recording/mixing is NOT enough to build a business on) the options are scarce and usually not specifically designed for recording/mixing businesses...


Like Tate P. for example, one of my students told me:


"A couple months back I was talking to a local personal coach about investing in her business-building program. It was more like ‘general online business’ whereas yours is specific for producers and engineers. It had a price-tag of $4.500 and I don’t know if I would’ve gotten that much value from it whereas I feel like I’ve gotten $4.500 worth of value from what you’ve had on offer. Definitely made the right choice.”


So, here’s what I want:


  • To provide you with information that’s specifically designed for producers/engineers

  • That information to teach you how to make your investment back ASAP, and to come back to you MULTIPLE TIMES after that.

  • For you to NOT pay $4.500 for that information


You can enroll in Portfolio Priority for a single payment of just $497 (or 3x $197)


Remember, this is a system that will help you get PAID CLIENTS in the door, so its highly likely that you make your money back after booking just 1-2 single projects that you’ll land with the knowledge that you’ll gain from this training.

"But I haven't made ANY money yet.. Will this work for me??"

Charging 100$ per song is not impossible. It's not even HARD.

You don't have to deliver major label quality at that price point! So for a lot of us, charging a 100$ per song is very possible. Some of you might even be thinking: 

"100$? That's WAY too little!"

But even at those low rates, it's just a matter of landing 1-2 projects, and you'll have made your entire investment back.

And hey, did you know that THIS PROGRAM teaches you EXACTLY how to land projects? 

And that once you've learned this system, you can apply it again, and again, and again? For the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Look at Jens H, another student of Portfolio Priority.

He enrolled in August 2021, and is already making 2000€ per month in his studio! 



" I wanna be SURE this works...
Is there a guarantee...? "

Oh, yes there is!

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will take action on the training material.  But if you DO, I’ll make sure this pays off for you…


So the deal is, if you actually put the entire system in place, get your website up like I'll show you, get your portfolio up to Portfolio Priority standards, send out the messages i’ll show you… (so if you follow the program and DO THE WORK)

And if it doesn’t directly lead to you earning your $497 back in the next 90 days, then I will personally work with you and help tweak everything until you land $497 worth of projects, however long it takes...


This means that whether or not you choose to join, both of these options have ZERO risk involved for you. But only 1 of them has the potential to get you where you want to go.


So you have 2 options:


- Option 1, not joining, zero risk for you. But it also guarantees that you'll have to figure this all out by yourself, and how long is that gonna take you?

- Option 2 is to join the program, AGAIN with ZERO RISK for you. But with this option you have a complete blueprint to build your business from. It’s highly likely that you’ll get where you wanna go in your business.

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-21 om 14.17.38.png

Additional Bonuses!

I want this to be a "HELL YES" for you!

So with these bonuses I want to ELIMINATE ALL THE REASONS why you can't become successful.

Bonus 1: 

Money Talk    ($197 value) 

A complete training module that teaches the step AFTER you’ve made contact with potential clients as you'll learn in the main program. This final piece of the puzzle shows you how to:

- Establish yourself as a PREMIUM choice.
- How to never lowball your rates again (You're hurting your clients!)
- Why charging more money is SERVING your client
- Complete step-by-step conversation guides.

Bonus 2:

2x full start-to-finish MIX video's with multitracks included.   
(2x $197 value)

Maybe you feel like this program is exactly what you need. But you feel like your 'lack of skills' will hold you back from landing actual clients...

This is for you!

Watch me mix 2 songs from scratch!

From all faders at zero, no template, not a single plugin inserted to fully mixed and automated, ready to send out to your client.

You'll see me making all the important mixing decisions in real time, so that you can see what a PROFESSIONAL mix looks like from start-to-finish, and use the same strategies in your own mixes.

Bonus 3:

3x 60 min group coaching/Q&A calls.   
(3x $97 value)

I want to leave no questions unanswered when it comes to building your business. 

Therefor I'll host 3x 60 min. coaching/Q&A calls so that you'll get to ask your questions live with me on Zoom. 

These calls will be spread out over 3 months, so you'll have more then enough time to go through the program first.

These calls can be used for:

- Mix feedback
- Website feedback
- Portfolio feedback
- Business strategy advice
- Questions about the program or implementation of the material.

Unlock the entire system + bonuses today!

Time left to join:

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